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Like the careers it prepares you for, our Journalism program is fast-paced. We’ll give you all the tools to take into the ever-changing media and advertising landscape. Each student will learn about the integral components that make up and connect news, sports media, photojournalism, new media, advertising and public relations.

Our five specializations help you define your career goals as you manage multiple projects, deadlines, and real-life field work. We'll help you find internships and relevant volunteer activities, and we'll encourage you to turn work experience into college credit.


Competition is stiff out there. Companies are looking for an edge. You can be that edge. By learning the principles of advertising and marketing, you’ll leave SIU with the ability to develop a brand, analyze the market and create a plan that stands out from the crowd. This degree has diverse applications across many different industries.

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Journalism and Mass Communications

Communication is the heart of every business. Whether working for news organization or in another industry, communication is key. We’re constantly communicating with readers, employees, the community, shareholders or whatever audience may be engaged with the product we produce. We train professionals to tell those stories and make the connections that drive industry forward.

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The appetite for quick, accurate news and information is greater now than ever before. We pride ourselves on staying modern and training journalists who are ready for today’s demanding landscape. It’s our goal to develop reliable, ethical journalist who can accurately tell the stories that are necessary for a healthy society.

Compass IconNews-Editiorial Curricular Guide (PDF)


In an era when time is valuable and attention spans can be short, one great picture can capture an entire story. That story can then be shared instantly with the entire world. The power of the photo has never been greater. Our students gain the video and photography skills needed to find success in a competitive, but incredibly fulfilling, career.

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Sports Media

The proliferation of sports information has created a demand for experts in the field. This career track can lead to jobs in sports journalism, sports production and sports promotion. To work in sports media today means to be well-rounded – and it means to write, shoot video, take photos, design, market and analyze. Learn to do it all here and prepare for a world filled with sports action.

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